Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dimitri Albino, Harold Timmis, Deceptive Marketing and the Crowdfunding swindle

"The video is out. The shipments are not sent yet. SmartMaker facebook page disappears. Harold only updates with stupid excuses… What kind of campaign is this?" 

 A few hours ago, a disillusioned backer from Spain expresses his frustration with the neverending smARtMAKER swindle that has left over 16,000 trusting backers flapping in the wind.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Indiegogo's crowdfunding fraud algorithm needs a V8

It's a shame that Forbes contributer +DevinThorpe never followed up on his word to investigate the #smARtMAKER #crowdfunding scam in January - Helping stop over 16,000 nonprofitsteachersstudents and makers from being fleeced for over a million . 

"Some believe it is almost impossible to commit #fraud via crowdfunding, figuring out how it is being done would be big news - Still time to do some good?

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The Trouble with Timmis
Indiegogo & Borderless Electronics: Partners in Crime
Crowdfunding fail: Perspective and Intent
smARtMAKER 101

Hey Freddy! Show me your mettle.

3 days ago Harold F. Timmis, smARtMAKER Head of Technology, posted his "rough draft" of the BE BOOK in an attempt to appease the over 4000 backers of his latest crowdfunding scam BE MAKER! on Indiegogo - except he forgot to delete SparkFun's original content he had copied and pasted... oops.

via Twitter, Timmis asserts "All of the content (images, lessons, videos, etc...) is my own and I am working hard on figuring out a good format." - I call bullshit.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dr. Suess and smARtMAKER Fakers

 "Then, when every last cent of their money was spent, the Fix-it-Up Chappie packed up and he went."
Much like Sylvester McMonkey McBean from Dr. Suess' The Sneetches, Dimitri Albino announced with great flourish the opening of the new smARtMAKER co-Lab via his 50th Kickstarter update on 02/16/13.
With an estimated delivery date of January 2013 on the original crowd funded project; 50 updates and no signs of production or delivery by the project scandalized early on by realizations that the history and experience he presented at launch was a total fabrication - Many backers were shocked to learn of a new smARtMAKER Lab opening on October 4, 2013;  a short 8 months later... in the midst of multiple Indiegogo campaigns yet still no delivery of the original promise.

As the first of several smARtMAKER scams which took advantage of the good nature and trust inherent to open source and maker communities was in full swing; complete with an entourage of cyber shills masquerading as "backers" an overwhelming sense of chaos and mistrust echoed and paved the golden road for the fleecing of over 16,000 additional makers, students and teachers via Indiegogo.

BE MAKER! Harold Timmis and smArTAKER strike again!

Update:  An Orlando maker confirmed that Chief SCAMmaker Dimitri Albino has struck again (much to the shock and awe of no one) - smARtMAKER Lab Orlando closed it’s doors at the beginning of the month as more fell victim to the lies and deceit that have plagued the Open Source and Maker community for well over a year now.

smARtMAKERsCon Kickstarter Updates

A chronological collection of all updates (commercials) from deceptive marketing specialist and open source con man, Dimitri Albino in his debut crowdfunding scandal:

smARtDUINO: Open System by former ARDUINO's manufacturer

With a target goal of only $23,000; the project funded 11/23/2012 at $157,571 from 982 backers.
As of this publishing, the project is still undelivered. Currently there are over 16,000 backers across 8 campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter that have fallen victim to the latest in a long line of schemes by Dimitri Albino and company. http://bit.ly/smARtMAKERsCon_Kickstarter_Updates


  • Dimitri Albino, smARtMAKER, Inc. CEO and Aldi Holding LLC, Managing Member
  • Zhenmei Li, Aldi Holding LLC, Managing Member
  • Luigi Aragno, smARtMAKER, Inc. VP
  • Harold Timmis, smARtMAKER, Inc. Head of Technology
  • Juliet Zhu, "Office Manager"
  • Raffaele Iannello, smARtMAKER, Inc. Creative Director
  • +smARtMAKER Lab Orlando
  • Indiegogo project Borderless Electronics
  • Cyber shills and many more

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dimitri Albino, smARtMAKER and Indiegogo

With over 16,000 pissed off backers out over a million dollars in the past year; you can't help but wonder why +Indiegogo continues to list them as a trusted partner. Makes you wonder which of the 3 founders and owner of the company Dimitri references in this comment:
Why +smARtMAKER is a partner of that platform? The reason is very simple: we have been invited to become partner. One of the three founders and owner of the company, that I know in person, invited me to join them and to help with my experience people that have ideas and are willing to run crowdfunding campaign but can fail.
The other question is where did the newest Indiegogo partner madeinitalycf sponsor of EZControl.it come from as they don't seem to meet any of the criteria detailed by Indiegogo... Link to original post by +Dimitri Albino on Kickstarter Dimitri Albino re: smARtMAKER and Indiegogo

smARtMAKER Lab Orlando

Received a message that smARtMAKER Lab Orlando will be closing it's doors this Friday - Unverified to date and if true, I wonder how many makers will lose their prepaid membership fees...

Follow-up: Dr. Suess and smArTAKER Fakers

Dimitri Albino, Harold Timmis, Smartmaker, Borderless Electronics, BE Maker, Indiegogo, Kickstarter - Scam History

Documents related to schemes by Dimitri Albino, Harold Timmis and friends - more documents and link analysis pending public posting http://bit.ly/DimitriAlbinoSmartmakerScamHistory

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Friday, February 28, 2014

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