Monday, December 15, 2014

Coolest Kickstarter Issues Backer Refunds!

In an unprecedented show of holiday goodwill, Ryan Grepper creator of the Coolest Cooler project is issuing refunds to backers of the top funded Kickstarter project!

Photo Credit: Ryan Grepper / Coolest Cooler

In response to a growing negative response to the December 12th  announcement that Coolest Coolers would not begin shipping until July 2015 which would force backers living in snow zones to lose a full season use - Ryan Grepper has begun  issuing refunds to backers!

In what will surely be one of the greatest displays of magnanimous creator behaviour, the marketing genius behind Inventor's Blueprint has turned Kickstarter upside down demonstrating media manipulation and viral marketing are not always a bad thing!

Much to my surprise, a refund was issued to me on 12/12/2014, the same day as the announcement was made!  Have you received yours yet?

Of course, I don't believe there is anything magnanimous about Ryan Grepper's actions.

I do believe that he refunded only backers who have questioned the veracity of his project in a calculated effort to manipulate perception.

The next question is if he will continue to selectively refund anyone who dares question this project?