Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Tom McDonnell
"I can't abide any further Smartmaker related drama so I asked for, and received within a couple of hours, a full refund from Harold's current IGG campaign "BE Maker" -11/26/2013

Here's a funny thing about backer comments on crowd-funded projects - There are blowhards who will take every opportunity to distract and confuse the masses with baseless accusations and opinions.

People like this are either shills or idiots; either way you'd be a fool to listen to them without knowing their background.

Let's look at a guy who goes by the user names FishAndChimps / Tom.me / Tom McDonnell on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.  

Tom McDonnell received a full refund from the BE MAKER! campaign last Thanksgiving; knowing full well that smARtMAKER completely dismissed the original 982 backers on Kickstarter and failed to deliver.

So why would he spend so much time aggressively discouraging backers with money on the line to "wait and see" when he already got his money back in November? He isn't on the hook for anything, but I bet you are.

Now that smARtMAKER has run for cover, FishAndChimps / Tom.me / Tom McDonnell deletes over half of his misinformation and misdirects from Indiegogo... For the sake of what?

Back in May when I posted that I had received an unverified email that the smARtMAKER Lab Orlando would be closing its doors he ranted and raved about how I had no clue what I was talking about - except, I was right.  

In fact, I actually got the information from a guy who was swindled for a year's worth of membership fees to that space.

In June when I pointed out some inconsistencies about a #smARtMAKER MeetUp group he makes a feeble attempt to discredit me and comments:
 "I signed up for this 'Meet Up' group last month while trying to find out about the goings on at Smartmaker from any one of the other 63 members."
I had already pulled down the list of members and there was no one matching his name or location (Tom McDonnell is from New Jersey per his Kickstarter comments). 

So here's the question -  Why would a guy from NJ join a Meetup in Orlando and lie about his name and where he lives? There are only 62 members of the Orlando Meetup; one guy is in Brazil and one in CA... none in NJ.

You might want to take a look at his comments on Kickstarter and ponder all his ridiculous rants, misdirections, angry words and pointless comments while you try to find a single fact buried in there.

The fact is he backed several smARtMAKER projects while talking out of both sides of his mouth and playing everyone for chumps... kinda like Harold and Dimitri.

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