Tuesday, June 17, 2014

10 Things you can get from smARtMAKER support - Today!

For all those naysayers with an ax to grind who didn't believe smARtMAKER was good for anything - You're wrong.

Here are 10 things smARtMAKER support can offer you - Today!
No sniffles. No paper cuts. No delay.

  1. Want to make your Horsebox harmless and long lasting? carrie6y8y has some great tips for you!
  2. Why pay for sexshows when DaiAnnand can give you tips on how to save your money!
  3. The mysterious many faces of herpes - monkey0elbow uncovers the mystery
  4. Angry Birds fly in this epic hack from WereW19!
  5. Don't waste your time searching for amazing homosexual porn, Jes4436 has Topfive free sites!
  6. Searching for that perfect little spot where fellow porn lovers gather? Tha5735 leads the way!
  7. Funds running low since you trusted Timmis? monkey0elbow is back! Earn money with Ad-sense
  8. KenMcKellar shows you how naked cam chat allows head to head escapades
  9. Don't waste your money on a lemon - augustine9p8v has tips for buying a used ATV
  10. Looking for a new favourite adult chat site?  No worries, AnaFISQ has the answer!
As much as I would love for this to be an obnoxious joke - it's not.

I ran a Twitter search for "smartmaker" last week and a tweet linked to support.smartmaker.com about Irish Foreign Direct investments came up from what seemed to be a legitimate account; however I'm guessing that @NewsofFDI may not be so reputable.

Although nothing about trusted Indiegogo partner (and fiscal agent) smARtMAKER surprises me these days, I was curious to see what else the ever helpful smARtMAKER support site could offer - since actual customer support is out of scope.

Here is a collection of what I found Google Search: support.smartmaker.com

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