Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hey Freddy! Show me your mettle.

3 days ago Harold F. Timmis, smARtMAKER Head of Technology, posted his "rough draft" of the BE BOOK in an attempt to appease the over 4000 backers of his latest crowdfunding scam BE MAKER! on Indiegogo - except he forgot to delete SparkFun's original content he had copied and pasted... oops.

via Twitter, Timmis asserts "All of the content (images, lessons, videos, etc...) is my own and I am working hard on figuring out a good format." - I call bullshit.

Over the past year, more than 16,000 students, teachers, non-profits and makers have bled over a million dollars into the smARtMAKER bank accounts between pre/post crowdfunding presales.

5 out of 5 crowd funding campaigns Harold Frederick Timmis has served as an engineer on have failed to deliver.

Harold F. Timmis is a self-proclaimed teacher, educator and open source advocate; a review of his lack of performance, accountability, delivery and ethics tell a very different story.

Harold "Freddy" Timmis had ample opportunity to walk away from the Dimitri Albino / smARtMAKER scandal before he got his hands dirty - Instead he choose to lay down with the queen of the pigs making false claims and promises to those historically financially strained and living lives of service.

According to sources close to Timmis and smARtMAKER, he was paid a salary of about 70k in 2013, yet the only thing he has accomplished is delivering a mountain of excuses and empty promises. Capitalizing on the knowledge and efforts of leaders in the open source community with no original contributions.

You can't help but wonder what is going through his head now that smARtMAKER has closed their makerspace in Orlando and deleted their Facebook profiles.

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