Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BE MAKER! Harold Timmis and smArTAKER strike again!

Update:  An Orlando maker confirmed that Chief SCAMmaker Dimitri Albino has struck again (much to the shock and awe of no one) - smARtMAKER Lab Orlando closed it’s doors at the beginning of the month as more fell victim to the lies and deceit that have plagued the Open Source and Maker community for well over a year now.

To add insult to injury; 6 days ago Harold Timmis played the sympathy card for backers of the latest crowd funding scheme BE MAKER! on Indiegogo claiming the latest in a long line of delays were due to his “getting ready to be a dad”

Guess the part where the US Division of smARtMAKER had closed 2 weeks earlier was irrelevant.

Guess it’s back to the condo Dimitri purchased on eBay for $10,000 cash that he never paid taxes on

Read more here: Dr. Suess and smARtMAKER Fakers

Original post: Received a message that smARtMAKER Lab Orlando will be closing it’s doors this Friday - Unverified to date and if true, I wonder how many makers will lose their prepaid membership fees…