Wednesday, May 21, 2014

smARtMAKERsCon Kickstarter Updates

A chronological collection of all updates (commercials) from deceptive marketing specialist and open source con man, Dimitri Albino in his debut crowdfunding scandal:

smARtDUINO: Open System by former ARDUINO's manufacturer

With a target goal of only $23,000; the project funded 11/23/2012 at $157,571 from 982 backers.
As of this publishing, the project is still undelivered. Currently there are over 16,000 backers across 8 campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter that have fallen victim to the latest in a long line of schemes by Dimitri Albino and company.


  • Dimitri Albino, smARtMAKER, Inc. CEO and Aldi Holding LLC, Managing Member
  • Zhenmei Li, Aldi Holding LLC, Managing Member
  • Luigi Aragno, smARtMAKER, Inc. VP
  • Harold Timmis, smARtMAKER, Inc. Head of Technology
  • Juliet Zhu, "Office Manager"
  • Raffaele Iannello, smARtMAKER, Inc. Creative Director
  • +smARtMAKER Lab Orlando
  • Indiegogo project Borderless Electronics
  • Cyber shills and many more