Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dimitri Albino, smARtMAKER and Indiegogo

With over 16,000 pissed off backers out over a million dollars in the past year; you can't help but wonder why +Indiegogo continues to list them as a trusted partner. Makes you wonder which of the 3 founders and owner of the company Dimitri references in this comment:
Why +smARtMAKER is a partner of that platform? The reason is very simple: we have been invited to become partner. One of the three founders and owner of the company, that I know in person, invited me to join them and to help with my experience people that have ideas and are willing to run crowdfunding campaign but can fail.
The other question is where did the newest Indiegogo partner madeinitalycf sponsor of come from as they don't seem to meet any of the criteria detailed by Indiegogo... Link to original post by +Dimitri Albino on Kickstarter Dimitri Albino re: smARtMAKER and Indiegogo